Patravada as said in / Konkani Marath

                                         COLOCASIA OR ALU(IN MARATHI /KONKANI)

Colocasia also known as Alu in marathi , this is a tuber ranging from one inch in length to about four inches. They are pale brown in colour . The leaves are used in cutlets,Bhaji,Patravada. 

Coconut   1/2 cup
Red chilles  8
Pepper        8
Corriander  11/2Tsp
Jaggery        1 Tbsp    
Mustard seeds a pinch
Tamrind  ( a small ball size)

Onions       2 big chopped into very small cubes

Step 1 :  Fry Redchillies, Pepper, Corriander, Mustard  in a little of coconut oil. Fry each of ingredient one by one. Ground the fried items together with grated Coconut, Jaggery and tamrind with a bit of water in a food processor to make a smooth paste.

Step 2: Add chopped onions , Grounded paste and Salt (as per taste) .

Step 3: Wash  the leafs of  Colocasia or alu (as called in Marathi or Konkani) or  Samaggade (as called in kannada) with water and salt.

Step 4 : Apply the grounded masala on the backside of the leaf.

Step 5 : Repeat Step 4 for another 3 to 4 leaf . Each leaf shouldbe smaller in size than the previous one.Now roll all the leaves.Pressure cook it . Take around 2 whistle.

Step 6: Now, when the roll gets cold. Slice the them .

Step 7: Apply rava and fry them .


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