Kalwa Sukha / rockfish in coconut gravy

Kalwa is just like sea shell (oyster) also called  rock fish.It is grown on the edge of the sea shore on the stones to which it will be firmly attached to. The shell must be broken with a knife to get it out.

Kalwa is removed from stones. One which we get in market.

My Ingredients :

Kalwa - 1/2 kg. (Cleaned) Marinate in 1 tsp full of salt.
Onion  - 1

For Masala :

Coconut 1/2 cup  grated
Vatamb Sol  2-3

Pepper   10-12
Corriander  2 tsp
Drychillies  6-7

1 pinch mustard seeds
1/4 tsp turmeric

OR one can use  http://vismayblog.blogspot.in/2013/01/saraswat-sambar-masala.html  Saraswat sambar masala  2 tbsp instead of the spices used.

  • In a tsp of coconut oil, saute pepper, corriander, and drychillies. Now grind fired ingredients with vatamb sol and coconut. The paste shouldnot be very smooth.
  • In another pan, saute mustard and turmeric in coconut oil for a minute. Add these two ingredients with the above paste and grind for one sec.
  •  Heat around tbsp of coconut oil in a pan, add 1 finely chopped onion.  Saute for a minute. Add marinated  kalwa and the grounded masala. Cook for 10 minutes, kalwa sukkha is ready.


  1. Good recipe, should try but not sure if I can get it in Bangalore!

    Was wondering if Kalwa are same as oysters? We get Kalwa where I come from(same ones as in the pic), but oysters (the shell) looks different on the internet; may be it's a different specie of the same animal!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful comment.
    Yes, Chandan Oysters and Kalwa happens to be of the same family. Am also not very sure if we get in Bangalore...But still you can try in Ulsoor fish market.There are different kinds of oysters like rock oyster, creek oyster, river oyster. I have used rock oyster. Oyster also vary geographically like Indian oyster, pacific oysters. So what you see on internet pacific oyster.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment Sankalpa. In the meanwhile, with my desire to get Kalwa in Bangalore I stumbled across a website (freshtohome.com) where I could finally get Kalwa. Complete nostalgia of the Konkan coasts although they might be getting their fish from Kerala(I think) but it doesn't matter as seafood problem is now solved for me :-)

    As for the recipe, I had to substitute Vatmba sol with a little tamarind and yet in turned out quite well.


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