Eggless Cake

 This Cake is mainly for those people who do not take egg (Pure Vegetarian)  or can be made on fasting days ( for non - vegeterians like me ).The best part is it is made in cooker, electric oven is not mandatory.

Ingredients :

Butter                  5 Tsp
Maida                  1 Cup      (All purpose flour)
Milk                     1/2 Cup
Milk Maid             1/2 Cup  (Condensed milk)
Sugar                   1/4 Cup
Baking Powder      1/2 Tsp
Eating Soda           1/4 Tsp (Sodium bi Carbonate)
Vanilla Essence 
Eating Colour       

Step 1: Beat Butter with Sugar powder until the paste become creamy. Than add Milk Maid and Milk,whip   well.To this mixture add baking powder,eating soda. ( Prefrably use wire whisk).The more its whipped the more softness comes to the cake.

Step 2: To the above mixture add vanilla essence, mix well.  

Step3 : To above batter add tuttifruty, Raisins, Cashwenuts.And if required colour.

Step 4: Grease the baking pan with butter , and dust it with Maida. Put the batter in the pan.

Step 5: Now in the pessure cooker keep the stand and than the pan containing batter. Put on the lid without whistle, Bake on high flame for 5 minutes, than lower the flame, and bake for 40 minutes.


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