Varan_kadhi ani kapa devkaryache jevan

A pure vegeterian thali (wherein we even donot use onion and garlic in the food). This kind of food is served to god during pooja. Am a strict non_veg ( fish eater)  foodie, but have to eat veg meals on mondays and fridays of the week. I sometime enjoy it.

Well lets start with each of them,

Lets start with the sweet kheer (not exactly kheer but it is called guloni (गुलोनी ) in konkani)..

We require : 
Riceflour                                         --- 1 cup.
Gram Dal (Channa dal)                   --- 1/4 cup.
Cahewnuts                                     --- 1/4 cup.
Coconut pieces                              ---  1/4 cup  (Sliced very thin).
Jaggery                                          ---  1 1/2 cup.
Elachi powder                                ---  1 tsp.
Milk                                               ---  2 litre
Coconut milk                                  ---   2 litres

 Step 1 :  Soak channa dal and cashwenut in a bowl of water for 1/2 an hour.

 Step 2 :  Put a cup of water in a pan and cook the soaked channa dal, sliced coconut and cashwenut.

 Step3 :  Add jaggery, let it boil for 5 minutes.

 Step 4 :  Mix riceflour with  cold milk . Add to the boiling jaggery mix well Stir continously (do take care so no lumps are formed). Let it cook for 10min.

Step 5 :  Than add milk and boil for 10 min. Now, add elachi powder.
 Final  guloni aaso dista

Lets start with vada :

  Rice flour                            --- 2 cups.
  Lentil  flour  (उरीद दाल  पीत  )    ---  1/4 cup.

Step 1 : Mix riceflour, Lentil flour, salt and water make a dough.

Step 2 : Take sufficient oil in kadai (pan) as taken for frying poori.Let it become hot.

Step3 : On a bannana leaf, apply some oil. make small balls of the dough and press it with palm.

Step 4 : Fry them in oil and vada are ready


 Varan - Kadhi  :

  For varan :
                      Tur Dal                --- 1 cup.
                      Water                  --- 2 cup.
                      Salt                      ---  as per taste.
                     Turmeric powder  --- 1/4 tsp.

   Pressure cook dal, water and salt. Take 6 whistles.Till the dal become soft.

For Kadi :

          Coconut         --- 1/2 cup
          Green chillies  --- 4-5
          Jeera              --- 2 tsp   
          kokum            ---  8-10
          Salt                  --- as per taste.

Roast the chillie in coconut oil. Grind all above ingredients.     

In  blow put 2 cups of cold water, put  8-10  dried kokum. Put the grounded masala and salt mix well.
Kadi is ready.Put the tadaka.


Kapa :

        Rava                        --- 1/2 cup
        Red chillie powder   --- 2 tsp.
        Turmeric powder     --- 1/2 tsp
        Coconut oil
         Salt as per taste.

     Step1 : Cut brinjals and patato. Put salt and leave for 20 mins.


    Step2 :  Mix rava with chille powder and turmeric powder.
Step3: Heat tava , apply coconut oil / sunflower oil. now put each one of the rava applied kapa sprinkle some water. Cover with a lid.let it fry for 5 minutes.Put some oil than put the kapa upside down fry well till golden brown.

Cabbage Talasan :
In a frying pan, add a tablespoon full of  coconut oil, To this add a 1tsp sesame let it crackel. Now add  3-4 green chillies and  2-3 red dry chillies. Fry for a minute.

Put in chopped cabbage, salt as per taste. Fry for a minute, add around 1 cups of water.Put on the lid.Once all the water gets evaporated, add a teaspoon of sugar and grated coconut.


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