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There's a long list of sweets made by GSB people. And each of the sweet is  made on particular festival.Something like for Nagpanchami  it's Patoli(as called in marathi or konkani), Narali poornima (or on Rakhi festv) its Rice  Shevai  with coconut milk and Sugar rasoi, for Ganapathi  festv its all time favourite  Modak. For Diwali everyone knows its Srikhand Puri togather with other sweets, Sankranti  its  sweet Moog khichadi, Holi Poornima its PuranPoli and aamati, And the list continues with sakar pooli, Sakhar Bhat, Tausali( Bhoo bhoo as called in our house),Basundi, Dhood pak,Vada & Kher ..........

Patoli is a very healthy sweet,  which is made by using turmeric leaves.This is how the plant looks ,the root is turmeric.

Remove the leaves of fresh turmeri, wash them.

All u need is

Wheat flour  : 2 cups
Coconut       : 1  ( finely grated)
Jaggery         :  1/2 the part of coconut (Eg : For 1 cup of grated coconut, its 1/2 cup grated jaggery)
Cardmom Powder

Frist Part would be to make churn ( as called in konkani)

Take a flat bottom pan, Put in a Tsp full of ghee. Add the grated coconut and jaggery mix well, Keep stirring on medium flame for around 10 minutes. It should look something like this, it shouldn't be very sticky.

Next Portion would be to make a sticky dough of water,salt and wheat.
Now, apply a thin layer of the dough on the turmeric leave.Put on the coconut jaggery churn and fold the other part of the leaves.

Repeat the same with other leaves,
Now, there are two opitions either pressure cook without whistle for 20 minutes, the leaves turns its colour from green to sap green. OR one can also fry it by putting on the frying pan.
Remove the leaf and serve it with pure ghee.

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