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Maratha Style foodie ....Kanda Laun Masala

 My all time favourite food,  this is very hot or what we call in marathi झणझणीत. The bhakri and the curry goes really really well with chilled pepsi.

Bakri, Mutton gravy, Khema balls, Chops sticks, Briyani, Pudina chi chutney is the Thali.

Whole of the food mainly is based on the Garam masala or kanda Lasun Masala  (कांदा लसून टिकत).This kanda lasun masala is used in every day food right from making of sabzi to mutton and chicken.

Kanda Lasun Masala (कंदा लसून टिकत ) :  (Measure for 2kg of red chillie powder)

 Garam Masala :
1/4  kg      Corrainder  Seeds  (धने)              ( ಕೊತೊಂಬರಿ )
100 gms    Cumin Seeds         ( जीर)             (ಜೀರಿಗೆ)
100 gms    Til                        ( तील)              (ಯೆಳು)
  10 gms    Cloves                  (लवंग )           (ಲವಂಗ್)
  10 gms    Cinnamon             (दालचीनी )      (ದಲ್ಚಿನಿ ಚಕೆ) 
  10 gms    Cardmom             (वेलची )          (ಎಲ್ಲಕಿ )
    5  gms   Turmeric               (हल्दी )            (ಆರಶಿನ್)
    1           Nutmeg                 (जाईफल )       (ಜೈಕಾಯೇ)
    1  tsp    Star Anise              (बादामफूल )    (ಹೂವು)
    1  tsp    Mace                      (राम्पत्री )        (ಜಾತಿ ಫಲ)
    1  tsp    Fenugreek              (मेथी )             (ಮೆಂತೆ)
    1  tsp    Black Cummin        (सैजीरा )         (ಸಾಯಿಜೀಗೆ)
     6-7     Black Cardmom     (मसालावेलची) 

Fry all the ingredients (Expect the corriander amd jeera) with sufficient oil in flat bottom pan.Corriander and jeera should be dry roasted. And grind them into a smooth powder.This is garam masala this  stays for a long time for around a year.
         To make Kanda Lasun masala :
         Onion                     -- 1 kg                (कांदा) (ಉಳಗದೆ)
         Garlic                     --  1/4 kg            (लसून) ( ಬಳುಉಲ್ಲಿ)
         Ginger                    --  1/4 Kg          (आला ) (ಶುಂಟಿ )
         Salt                         --   1/2 kg
         Corriander leaves    -- 2 big bunch.  (कोतोम्बर ) (ಕೊತೊಂಬರೀ)
         Coconut (dried)      -- 1/4 kg           (खोबर)     

The above Garam masala, to make it Kanda lasun masala, add 2 kg of red chillie powder,than add  fired  onions (Fry till golden brown in lot of oil and make a paste of it .If  lightly fried masala may go bad in few     days ) Than add ginger garlic and corriander paste. Mix well with hand (donot use food processor).
Than  dried coconut (nicely roast and ground it ) add salt and mix well.

This  kanda lasun masala can be kept for months togather and can be used in any Sabji, for making mutton in chicken, for chops.



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