Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cucumber coconut salad /Hulhule

Cucumber  coconut salad is my own nomencalture for cucumber salad which is called as " Hulhule" in konkani. Our konkani is completely different than  konkani speaking people in places like Kumta, Sirsi..... They have a lot kannada in the langague as we have marathi ascent. So the name "Hulhule" sounded very intersting  to me. This is a very simple recipe and very pure vegeterian recipe which even doesn't have onion and garlic. ..All  required is

Cucumber       2 tbsp finely chopped  ( cucumber should be peeled before chopping).
Coconut          1 cup. ( Or one part of coconut).
Green chillies   1 -2
Tamarind  pulp  1/4 tsp.
Asafoetida  1/4 tsp.
 Salt as per taste.

Heat  tbsp of coconut oil in pan, once oil gets heated up add green chillies, fry them for a minute or till you get a aroma of chillie . Now add asafoetida. Turn off stove.
Grind fried chillies, asafotedia,  grated fresh coconut, tamarind pulp, salt with 2 tbsp water into coarse mixture.
Now add chopped cucumber. Mix well, adjust for salt.
"Hulhule"  is ready to be served. And goes very well with dalitoy, rice.

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