Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sheera Poli/ Sanjori/ Sweet indian bread

Sheera Poli is a sweet dish.  Sheera Poli as name suggests it is sheera embedded in poli. Sheera poli is called sanjori in konkani. It is tasty and good only  if your are not calorie conscious as it is made ghee, sugar and semolina.

For stuffing we have to prepare sheera or semolina dessert.
All that is needed:

Semolina     : 1 cup.
Sugar          : 1 cup.
Ghee          : 1/4 cup.
Boiling water :  1cup.
Cardamom Powder : 1 tsp.

In a wok, heat ghee. Saute  semolina in ghee on medium flame till semilona changes its colour to light white. Now add boiling water with continuous stiring, so no lumps are formed.Switch off the stove put on lid and keep for 5 minutes.
Add sugar, mix well. Put on stove on low flame. Saute till all sugar gets melted and mixes with semolina.

Once sheera cools downs. Divide sheera and make golf size balls.

For Dough/ Kanik

Maida          250 gms. (All purpose flour)
Salt              1/4 Tsp.
Water           1/2 cup.
Refined Oil    1/4 cup.

Mix maida, salt, water into dough. Dough should be very sticky not as hard as roti dough. Put oil and knead it well. The oil should float on the dough.
Divide this dough mixture (Kanik) into slightly smaller balls. Roll them out a  little.
Place the  sheera ball in the center of the rolled flour dough and close it to cover the filling completely.

Roll out into a chapati and bake on a non stick tawa till done on both sides.
Serve with ghee.

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