Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet Appa / Phaad

Sweet Appa/ Phad is a breakfast recipe which can be made in no time. To be served with ghee.

Ingredients :

Dosa Rice :  2 cups ( Soak in water during  morning hours or Soak for atleast 10 hours)
Flattened Rice or Phoha  : 2 handful or 2 fist.
Jaggery     :  1 cup finely chopped.
Cashwenuts : 2 tbsp ( cut into small piece).
Chick pea   :   2 tbsp (soakes in warm water for 1/2 water).
Fresh coconut :  2 tsp (cut into thin slice).

  • Grind soaked dosa rice, flattened rice and jaggery with a cup of water into smooth paste. Add 1 tsp of salt and keep over night (or keep the mixture for a minimum of  7-8 hours).
  • Next morning or while preparing add cashwenut, soaked channa dal into above made batter. Add some more  water (a round 1/2 cup) so that the consistency should be watery but not very thin.
  • Heat appam tava, brush appam moulds with little ghee.  Fill  3/4 part of the mould with the  above batter. 

  • Put on the lid,on medium flame cook for 3 minutes till they turn lght brown. Turn the appa/ Phat upside down with help of a blunt knife. Cook it for another 2-3 minutes till other side also turns light brown. 

  • Appa/ Phad to be served with clarified ghee.

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