Friday, September 9, 2011

Egg Briyani

This is simple, tasty egg briyani. Goes very well with raitha and  a very chilled pepsi.

 Ingredients :

Basmati Rice            2 Cups ( Wash and Pre soak for 1/2 hour)
Egg                          6 (Hard Boiled and shelled out)
Onion                       2 Big   finely chopped ( for garnishing)
Medium onion           2  chopped
Corriander leaves           hand full.
Green chilles             10 - 12
Ginger                       4 inches
Garlic                        10 cloves
Bay leaves                 2
Cardmom                  8 -10 ( whole small elachi)
Red chillie powder     2 tsp.
Garam masala powder2 tsp
Clarified butter            4 Tbsp (or less if u eat less)
Yogurt                        1 Tbsp
Coconut                     1/2 finely grated.
Salt                                as per taste.

Grounded masala:
Grind Onion chopped, Garlic,Ginger,Corriander leaves into smooth paste.

Step 1: Shell the boiled eggs, give longitutional cut on the white portion of egg without seperating the egg.

Step 2:  In a kadai , put clarified butter or oil. Let it become hot, add finely chopped onion.On medium flame fry the onions till it gets golden brown remove and keep aside. In the same oil,fry the grounded masala till it starts leaving the butter/oil.To this add chillie powder and salt saute for a minute and than add the shelled eggs and fry it, So that all the masala gets in properly. Remove the eggs and keep aside.


Step 3: To the same spice , add whole of cardmom, and bay leaves. Fry for a min add soaked rice. Fry the rice on medium flame, till the rice starts turning transparent. Add sufficient water and bring to boil  ( I use for 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of water)

Step 4: When the air holes starts appearing add yogurt (curd) and grated coconut.Mix well. Close the lid and cook until all of the water is absorbed and rice becomes tender.Cover the briyani with a heavy lid and on low flame let it cook for 30 minutes. Cut the eggs into halves and garnish with fried onions.


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