Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Macreles (Bangda as called in konkani) roasted in bannana leaf.

    For this dish no other fish goes good. So, it is usally done with macreles one of the tastest fish.

   Step 1 : Clean macreles and than put the cuts, so that the masala goes well in the macreles.
                Macreles marinate well by doing this.


     Step 2 : Grind  red chillie powder ,vatamb sola (Else u can put tamrind) , tumeric, salt with water, to make a smooth paste.

                    Apply these on macreles let it be for 20 min so that it marinates well.
Step 3: Now put some coconut oil on bannnana leaf and roll it. Do the same with other macreles.

         Step 4: Put all the bannan rolled macreles in a flat pan, lid it.  Let it cook for  10 minutes turn                      them upside down and leave it cook for another 10 min.



                Step 5. After cooked, remove the banana leaf


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