Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gudhi padvya / Ugadi

Gudhi padva is celebrated as hindu new year.  In Goa and maharastra people hang gudhis on terrace or on their windows on this day in morning hours and the gudhi is brought down at around 4:30pm. Gudhi is a decorated pole with a silver vessel placed on it.
 In karnataka it is said Bevu bella should be eaten on this day. Bevu is neem which is bitter  and bella is jaggery, it symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experience sadness, happiness,anger,fear..... which should be accepted together.
In our house or maybe in all sarswat houses, we make "Kadu aushada" (Kadu means bitter in konkani and aushada means medicine), Shrikhand puri, wet cashewnuts, Seasonal fruits like mangoes,cashew apple, jackfruit  are the things that are relished on this day.

Ingredients for kadhuaushad:

Neem leaves : 2 cups.
Pepper          : 8-10. (More if required).
Dry ginger     : 2 inch (if using powder 1 tsp).
Carom seeds : 1 tsp. (Ajwain)
Vatamb        :  2-3    ( Or you can use tamrind 2 inch).
Buttermilk     : 1 cup.
Salt              :  as per taste.
Water          : 1/4 cup.

Wash neem leaves. Grind neem leaves, pepper, dry ginger, carom seeds,vatamb (or tamrind), water,salt as per taste with water into smooth paste. Now add buttermilk, adjust for salt.
It taste more bitter and sour....but tastes good. This kadhu is offered to gudhi, together with seasonal fruits, fresh cashewnuts, and shrikhand puri. After gudhi pooja, each one has to compulsorily drink kadhu and then relish on fruits and sweets.

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