Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mori Mutton ani lasnichi kadhi

Moori is Indian dog shark. My granny who doesn't eat chicken or mutton says moori taste like mutton, I some time wonder how did she knew it tastes like mutton :P. For me moori has similar taste of fish well a bit different. But this fish is prepared similar to mutton.
Comp-ability of  moori mutton is with chapati, white rice, kokam kadhi and lasnichi kadhi, hmmmmmm and the combination is marvelous.

Ingredients :
Onions   : 2 medium sized finely chopped.

Moori - 1/2 kg  (Skin removed and cut into 2 inches cubes, wash under running water. Add 1/2 tsp salt and let it marinate for 20 minutes)

For Masala :

Dry chillies                 8
Cloves                       8            Lavang
Pepper                      8           Meeri
Coriander   seeds     2 tsp     Kotombar
Fennel seeds             1 tsp     Badisoap
Cummin seeds           1/2 tsp   Jeera

Black cummin seeds   1/4 tsp   Saijeera   
Coconut                    1/4 cup finely grated
Garlic 6 cloves
Onion small   (keep it directly on stove, burn it with the skin. Remove the burnt skin, use the onion for grinding)

Step 1: Fry all above ingredients in 1 tbsp of coconut oil except onion which is already fried. Grind into smooth paste.
Step 2: In a pan, add 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Let it become hot, add chopped onions. On medium flame fry onions till they become light brown. Now add marinated moori piece fry for 2- 4 minutes. Add grounded masala and an cup of water. Cook for 10 minutes till the moori becomes soft.Adjust for salt.
Step 3: Mutton is ready to be served.

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