Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicken Chilly Dry

Chicken chilly a very good starter, easy to make and tastes awesome.

All required :

Chicken                   1/2 kg
Soya sauce              6 Tbsp
Tamato Ketchup      3 Tbsp
Vinegar                    2 Tbsp
Capsicum                1
Garlic                      6 cloves ( or a small garlic)
Ginger                     2 inches 
Lime                      1
Chillie Powder        1 Tbsp 
Cornflour                2-3 Tbsp
Celery                    2 stalks     (Optional)
Cilantro                  1 Tsp         (Corriander)
Spring Onions        2 Stalks    (Optional)
Salt                        1 Tsp
Oil                          3 Tbsp
Chicken stock         1/2 cup  (or water)

  •  Remove the skin and cut the chicken into small pieces of around 1 inch.
  • Grind Ginger and Garlic into paste.
  • Mix chicken pieces with Gingergarlic paste, Soyasauce, Vinegar, Salt, lime juice and marinate for an hour 

  • In a pan, deep fry the marinated chicken  till cooked.
  • Heat oil in apan, added minced capsicum, celery (optional)/spring onions,ginger, garlic and chillie powder.Fry them for a minute

  •  Add chicken stock or water to moisten . Add tamato ketchup. Once when started simmering, add chicken pieces.Cook for 10 minutes.
  • Mix cornflour into half a cup of water.Add this to the above chicken.
  • Finally add a pinch of ajinomoto (Its optional)

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