Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heet ani Chutney ( as said in konkani) morning breakfast.

                                                             Jack Fruit Tree

Heet (as nomancultured  in konkani), its idli itself but is made in the leaves of jackfruit tree.The spine of palm leaves is used to pierce and hold the jackfruit leaves together.It is called Khotae. Mainly made in coastal area like Karwar, Ankola ........

Now all one need is to prepare the mixture of idli tht goes in :

Urid dal   : 1cup
Idli Rava  : 2 cups.

Step 1: Soak Urid dal in the morning hours. In the same day evening grind the urid dal into smooth paste.
 Step 2:  Wash the rava thoroghly .Add it to the uriddal batter. Add salt. Keep it overnight for fermenatation.
                 (** Note : Use a tsp full of lime juice while washing the rava, this gives pure white colour to idli)

Step 3: Put around 4 Tbsp of the batter  into the khota made of leaves.

Step 4: Fill around 8 khota's and keep it in cooker or a kind of utensil called padavaan ( in konkani).

Step 5: Let it cook for 8 -10 minutes.

The heet is ready, Served with coconut chutney, Green chillie chutney and sweetened  coconut milk.

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