Sunday, July 31, 2011

SukhilMasali khismur ( in Konkani) / Sukkat ( in marathi) / dryfish salad in english

Sukhilmasali is the konkani name for dried fish . The fresh fish are salted, dried and preserved in summer seasons and than used during monsoon when fresh fish is not available. Makerals, Small prawns. Bombay duck, are all dried ...In earlier days this making of dried fish was done in every household, now it is bought from fisher-women and stored. The best time to buy these fishes is in summer's.

These dried fishes is not only used in making khismur, but also in making of curry madeup  of coconut, redchillies and triphal/ Teppal ( as called in konkani / Marathi). 

  This khismur is very simple to make some people do it by grinding masala, but it doesnot give that much flavour of dryfish. Khismur is made from fishes like prawns or sukkat kolambi, Bhopsha( a kind of small fish) or macarles. My all time favourite in dried fish is the prawns / Sukkat kolambi  and the second is Bhopsha.

All u need is

Dry fish               : a cup  (Dry prawns (Sungat)/ Sukkat kolambi or Bhopsha (small fish))
Onion                  : 2  Medium sized finely chopped.
Chillie Powder     : 1 Tsp ( or more as per taste)
Coconut              : 1/2 cup finely grated
Turmeric Powder : 1/2 Tsp
Salt                      : 1/4 Tsp ( not much to be added as fishes are already salted)

Clean the fish by removing the head and tail part . Now, fry it in a Tsp of coconut oil on medium flame till aroma starts coming out.The fish is more of crispy now.

Now mix all the ingredients  togather with fried fish and the delicious Khismur is ready. Goes really well with Kandyachi Tambali  or Dal  and Rice.

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