Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple MisalPav

Simple version of misal pav. Easy to cook, delicious to eat.

Had this version of misal pav while driving down from konkan (Sawantwadi) in a small road side hotel. Goes really very well with hot cup of tea. While its raning outside.It was heavenly experience.

Its not the exact authentic maharastrian MisalPav

All u need is

Sprouted Matbean  -- 1/4 Cup.   Matki (मटकी) in marathi , Mothbean
Onion                     -- 2 in No.
Tamato                   -- 1 in No (Smaller one).
Ginger Paste           -- 1 Tsp.
Garlic Paste            -- 1 Tsp.
Chillie powder        --  2 Tsp ( U can add more for more hot)
Corrinader leaves.
Salt as per taste

Step 1 :  Heat 2 Tbsp of oil in pan. To this add chopped onion, fry till golden brown.

Step 2 : Add chopped tamaotes, fry for 2 minutes.Than add chopped corriander and red chillie powder.Fry it for min (Frying chilly powder gives a bright red colour what is called Kaat in marathi). Now to this add water (Water should be added reasonably more  i mean a lot maybe 3/4 of the pan)  and  salt. Simmer it. Add sprouted matki  and ginger garlic paste. Let it cook for around 15 min.

This is going to be a very thin watery Misal.So donot cook a lot.

While serving put the misal togather with matki and chiwada .Top with  cubed onions and bread. And a  really hot cup of tea. 

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